Friday, January 1, 2010

Lighten up!

Happy 2010 to All! Can't wait to get back on track with everyday life. As I get older I seem to appreciate simple routines that keep things flowing. The holidays throw everything off kilter, yet without these distractions in life, wouldn’t it be a bit dull, and maybe routine wouldn’t be so appreciated.

Yesterday I turned fifty. I seem to have been taking stock these last few months. My perspective is different than when I turned forty, my energy level is definitely different, my looks and my body are taking a hit. I feel the need to be more vigilant with exercise and food. Yet my priorities and my goals feel more solid than ever.

Then there are those things that haven’t changed throughout the years, my commitment to my family, my love of spirituality and nature, and my art.

On the topic of art; of course that is what this blog is mainly about. I was thinking this morning about how much more spontaneous I was 15 years ago. Back then I was doing art fairs. I was creating illustrations for kids along with cards, puzzles, bookmarks. I was just having fun with it, and seemed more in tune with myself and my art. Thinking about this, I seem to separate my art. For example when I did art for the children's booths at art festivals, I allowed myself to be me, to have fun with it. Yet, whenever I put the “I want to get published” spin on it. I clamp down, and get too serious with my art. This has always left me frustrated and unable to complete projects, or lose confidence in myself. I think if there’s a resolution to commit to, it would be to lose the seriousness of it and get back to enjoying my art, for the love of doing art. Deadlines and commitment, the “seriousness” can stay, but having fun with art, I miss that. I really am glad I started this blog last August; I had my doubts-I tend to be quite private and blogging is not my nature. Doing the blog has helped me stay grounded. Most of all I’m grateful to finding other artist out there blogging who share their style, techniques and creative process, that helps me to stay the course. Then there’s Illustration Friday! Wonderful bonus!

Happy New Year to all my creative friends! Keep Doing what you Do! THANKS for all your inspiration!