Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Me!
One year of Blogging Aug. 26th
It's been so great this year making connectionswith some wonderful artists and writers!

Winnie the Pooh Picture
by my daughter Annie

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Illustration Friday--Atmosphere

Atmosphere - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster
3 : a surrounding influence or environment
(an atmosphere of hostility)

In the dictionary they had a few definitions for“Atmosphere” and it was interesting to me how the one above emphasizes "an atmosphere of hostility" It would have been just as fitting to say "an atmosphere of peace" How often as people we choose to emphasize a negative thought over a positive one. At times it seems we are so conditioned, that we're not even aware of it.
And sometimes, it's just plain hard to be aware enough of our thought process, to just stop, and rethink the thought. What if, say for only 3 minutes straight, the whole world thought only one positive thought, at the same time. Would something change in our Atmosphere?? As John Lennon stated so well in his song “Imagine”-- "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one, I hope someday you'll join us and the world will live as one."

This is my contribution to Peace.
Created with marker and pen and ink.
I share with you my Peace Wizard.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Illustration Friday--Star Gazing

I like star gazing. I mean who doesn’t? How could anyone not notice the beauty of the night sky? Especially if you live somewhere, where there are no city lights to get in the way. As a child, like so many of us, I was taught the “starlight, starbright” poem. And I am not embarrassed to say, to this day, I will still recite it upon seeing the first star of the night. And do you know that once my wish really did come true. When I was seventeen I really, really, wanted to go to the Bruce Springsteen concert. So I made my wish upon a star that night, and low and behold my sister-in-law called me within days of that wish, to tell me that for my 18th birthday she would be taking me to see Bruce!! My guy!! I have loved him from the moment I heard “Born to Run” and I have never stopped loving him! I can’t say I have been totally faithful through the years though—a few others have caught my eye since. But Bruce will always be my star. Now some of you may say that my star experience is a coincidence, maybe…but for me, I believe in magic. I still listen for the sleigh bells every Christmas Eve, even though my son keeps at me about it; Questioning my loyalty!
I will forever believe in Santa. Enough said.

This illustration seemed perfect for star glazing. I love drawing angels, almost as much as I love drawing trees and tree spirits. I created this piece with colored pencil and marker. I also cut out the top layer of paper on each of the clouds. At the time it was probably a blunder, if I remember correctly. Yet the cut-out worked, and turned into one of those “happy accidents.” My one art teacher always talked about “happy accidents.”

On a closing note: I will be off on vacation for a few days, Yay!! I will be taking with me a book called “Gift from the Sea” by Ann Morrow Lindbergh and my sketchbook. Oh, and my family too. On this short, all too short vacation, I will remember to look up to the night sky and make my wish.

To all my Friends, Artist, and Dreamers—May all your wishes come true~