Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Hello Spring!

I'm feeling inspired to resurrect this long dormant blog.  I have ignored it for far too long and I am ready to recommit! And on that is a newer piece I did, and thought it would be a good place to start. After all spring is about new beginnings and rejuvenation!

Not long ago an artist friend of mine and I decided to do an art challenge. It was his idea, and it helped me to get back on track. (Thanks Doug!) The challenge was to only use 3 colors and you could do any subject and any medium you wanted. So once again, another tree! Welcome Spring!

This artwork was done using Prismacolor watercolor pencils. This is my first experience using these pencils and I can't get over how nicely the color lays down, I have to say it was pure joy! I know that's probably a geeky artist thing to say, but it really was. I have used another brand for years and although I like them, I truly did not know what I was missing until I tried Prismacolor. Although I should have known since I use Prismcolor in other mediums. If you have never tried these pencils give them a go!