Saturday, November 13, 2010


Ruby the psychotic Beagle
My art room is in transition, for that matter so is my life, but we won't get into that.
At one time all the pieces and parts were together on the enclosed front porch. (computer, files, art supplies, drawing table etc etc...) And for the most part it made sense, I was doing more graphic art a few years back, in particular a newsletter, which was being put out every three months, so I had folks coming and going. The porch worked out well, people didn't have to venture too far into my home, especially having two crazy dogs; Zoe my lovable Border Collie mix, she loves to jump and lick you right on the month! Yuck! She is happy as happy can be. Then there's the other one, Ruby, well she's just plain psychotic, a rollie pollie Beagle mutt. The only reason I kept her was I figured nobody else would have her! What can I say, she loves me. Anyway, back to the porch. The only time the porch didn't work was in the hot, very hot summer or the cold, very cold winter. I made due with fans and electric heaters, but it was far from comfortable. But now I'm no longer doing that type of  art anymore, and my needs have changed. For that past year my art table has been in my bedroom and the computer and scanner downstairs. The main computer is in need of some real help, and the laptop's got some issues too. So everything's been a bit scattered, I feel scattered too. This week I will be trying to get all my pieces and parts back to a central location. And maybe in the process I can get myself back on track. I've been so focused on finding a job the past four months, that art has been taking a backseat.
Annie with Lovable Zoe
The ebb and flow of my life.
The ebb and flow of my art.

Even my blog's out of whack, I can't seem to get my feeds to work right. Oh well...Oh bla di, Oh bla da life goes on...