Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Makeover still in progress!!

Well time sure has gotten away from me. Again. I had such good intentions of having my studio painted and new flooring put down between February and March. Too many things getting in the way of my progress. Including the fact that I started a job in early March and then ended up leaving that job, when another job came about 2 weeks later. Can you believe it, I have been looking for part time work for a year now, and in the course of 3 weeks have gotten two jobs. Life is interesting. So Job #2 offered up a bit more money and better schedule and a lot less hectic! Having enough time in my day to do my art is very important to me. Anyway, right before these two job opportunities came along, I was just starting to get my bookmarks made, and updating my blog, with  "the bookmark shop" and added portfolio. I would love to hear any feedback on how anyone is doing with Zazzle or Etsy shops. I was thinking of going that route.

Today I thought I would at least post the before pics of my studio and hopefully have some after pics by the end of April. I have many projects in mind for the next few months, so I have to get busy. I am planning on doing three art festivals this summer, plus the local college is having a art exhibit in May.

Life is always a balancing act, I just wish I knew the trick to keeping all the balls up in the air!

Our home was built in 1922, and there are many rooms that are in need of updating.
Coming up the stairs to the second floor that once was an attic.
Small window at the top of the landing.
Walls are in need of a badly overdue paint job! 
Art work sitting on an old 1918 trunk.
Zoe standing just left of the art table,
in front of my bedroom door opening.
Curtain will be gone in the "after pics!"

Work space with the new lighting my husband put up.
We sure could use some new electrical outlets up here.
My art table sits at the top of the landing and is sitting over the stairway.
This is my first art table that my Uncle Ralph and Aunt Lily bought me when I started
pursuing a career in the early 90's They have always been my biggest fans!!