Sunday, May 12, 2013

Illustration Friday~Future

Thoughts of Annie and her future as an artist...

Annie will be graduating this coming June. I can't believe how crazy fast it's all gone by. From the time she was little she has watched and questioned me on my art. She is my biggest fan. Through the years I've watched her grow not only into a beauitful young woman, but also a wonderful artist and photographer. I love seeing the world through Annie's lense. College is just around the bend for her, and graphic art is where she chooses to begin her adventure. Wether she pursues that field or veers off in another direction, I have no doubts to her success. Below is what I posted on FB today for a Mother's Day status.

Bragging rights on Mother's Day~Last week taking my daughter to school we noticed our neighbor’s cat sitting in the window. That started a conversation about cats that sit in windows all over the world. Which then led into a discussion about what a cute book idea that would make, and it would be fun to do that together. For Mother’s day I received this… Cats in Windows… 

I’ve known for many years that my daughter will far exceed me in the field of art, and it’s hard to explain how wonderful that makes me feel. I just know I’ve passed something on that’s very good!

To see Annie's photos:

Saturday, May 4, 2013

LCC Library Display

 This is the end result of the Spring Time Tree Spirit art I created for the Lakeland Community College Library. Thank you Mark for a beautiful display of my work!