Sunday, May 15, 2011

Illustration Friday~Safari

I named him "Old Soul"~Thank you Annie~
 This weeks theme for Illustration Friday was just perfect to post the above illo that was given to me by my daughter. Last Sunday was Mother's day, and Annie surprised me with a plain brown paper bag tied with a pretty pink bow. Inside, 4 scented candles, body spray and a perfumed bath fizzy. All very nice gifts. My daughter knows me pretty well after 16 years. She knows I like simple things, and things that I can use. She knows my love of art. She also loves art, and she's good at it. My pride in her is endless. Not just for her art skills of course, but for the type of women she's turning out to be. She's kind and thoughtful. Yet she's strong enough, and just stubborn enough, that lets me know she'll be okay. I have two wonderful kids, and although Mother's day is a nice day; the best way my children honor me everyday, is by the type of people they are growing into. I am especially proud at the way they treat each other, how they usually put each other's needs first. Just a small example: There's always one doughnut or cookie that goes to waste in this house because they always save the last one for each other. I hate that the doughnut goes to waste, yet what a statement on their thoughtfulness.