Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Crash 2001-2011

Crash- his last Christmas with us
Crash was 14 years old as far as we can figure. He came to us 10 years ago at Christmas time. Somewhere along the line he picked up the name Christmas Crash. I guess his spending one last Christmas with us was his way of saying goodbye.Crash originally lived in the house next door to us. And his back story was interesting in itself. Mr. Wolfe (our former neighbor), found Crash after he had been hit by a car on the Daniels Park Bridge. Mr.Wolfe took Crash to the vet and told them that if he lived he would adopt him. Well as it turned out Crash was not that badly hurt, so he came to live in our neighborhood. Needless to say this was how Mr.Wolfe came up with his name. I'm not sure if it was the accident or not, but the cat only had 5 teeth in his mouth and  watching him eat was always a bit comical. Crash was outdoors a lot. So he would come to visit us. Sometimes his long hair would mat up pretty good, so I'd take a brush to him. He seemed to like it for the most part, and he kept coming back. One day I saw Mr. Wolfe and said "I hope you don't mind me brushing your cat". He laughed and said "You know that cat would leave the house looking like hell and he'd come home always looking so good. I couldn't figure it out!" Being named Crash did not help his situation in life. He was always underfoot, or he was getting in the way of bikes, or stopping cars in the street; because he thought it perfectly fine to sit in the middle of the road. Our Crash, he will be missed. He was just goofy enough, that we know there's no other quite like him.
2010 playing in the wrapping paper

Watching Matthew

afternoon nap

Best Friends

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I'm sinking in all the rain we've been getting lately. Where's my White Christmas?