Tuesday, April 21, 2015


For this weeks Illustration Friday I give you Jaxson's Room. Can you find the 2 windows in this illo?

pen and ink with watercolor pencil

This piece was first meant for the little guys mom, Bethany. She is a friend that I work with at the library. She has a thing for mushrooms and gnomes, and she seems to really like my artwork too. So I said I would draw her a gnome. She made me a quick little sketch (darn I wish I had it to show, but I left it at work) of a gnome reading a book, by a mushroom. Simple enough. And after all we both work for a library so a "reading gnome" seemed quite fitting. As it was, time got away from me, and no gnome to show for it. More time passed, and I learned Bethany was with child. (Jax--the little guy) I then decided to alter the piece and add in a little boy gnome and give it to her for her baby shower. --On a side note the name Jax comes from the show, Sons of Anarchy. It seems Bethany and Nick (Dad) are both fans.
Bethany, Jaxson, and Nick
I don't know why this piece hung me up so much, but I just couldn't seem to get it going. Sketch after sketch and nothing felt right. Then I lost interest in doing any art at all for over a year, one long dry spell. Needless to say the piece did not get done. Move ahead to Jax's first birthday, and I'm thinking I gotta get this going before the kid out grows gnomes! Although I know his mom won't outgrow them!  So last night I was finally able to give this long overdue picture to my friend! She was happy and I was soooo glad to get it off my plate!

I also wanted to share this book with you...

I took this out of the library and decided I needed to have a copy of my own ( I couldn't keep renewing it) It has really helped me to view time differently, and how I can make better use of it in order to create on a regular basis. It's funny how "out of shape" you can get when you're not practicing your craft. I know when I'm in the mode that even if there's a struggle the struggle isn't nearly as hard as when I'm not in practice. I guess that's pretty much true for many things.

There's been some interesting things that have been happening since my recommittment to my art...

1. The manager at the Willoughby library asked if I would like be their "guest artist" for the Art Walk in downtown Willoughby (All the stores have a guest artist that evening)

2. I sold 2 pieces of Artwork after a friend saw them on FB--Thank you Cindy :)

3. My cousin asked if I would like to hang my work in her fancy hair solon--Thanks Amber!! Looking forward to making new art for that. Thinking new Tree Spirits for her shop.

So it looks like I will be busy. Plus I have 2 more kid's room pics I need to make. Feels great to be working again!

And to close with on more Illustration Friday "Window"  I love this piece!!!

 "Cats in Windows" from my daughter Annie. She holds my heart  :)