Friday, April 13, 2012

Illustration Friday~Puzzled

The King

I always have such a great time at art festivals. It can be a lot of work though, especially if it's an outdoor event. My booth is promoted mainly to kids, although I do sell other whimsical work that appeal to adults. The best part is talking to the kids and hearing their excitement as they tell me about what they like to do, whether it's artwork or a hobby. There's such a freshness that kids bring to the joy of creating, and you can see the pride in their eyes when they talk about it.

Sleeping Lady
This piece is called "The King" I buy these puzzles at craft stores. It's a coated finish and the ink of the Prismacolor makers don't absorb, which makes it fun to just swirl the ink around until it dries. There's also a bit of a bubbly look about the piece that I like.

With summer on the way it's time to start gearing up and doing a couple of these events. If you've never participated in one, you should give it a go!

To all my blogging friends~ Have the best day!!!