Saturday, March 27, 2010

All Done!!

It's been a long week, especially the last few days! I have come to the end of my project--Thank God! I've been working on this since January. I will be sending this little guy out into the world, along with 3 other pics. First stop, Spider Magazine. The illos to be accompanied by the poem that goes along with them. I had posted some roughs a few weeks back and noticed that in the one rough the little guy was looking up. I hadn't realized that the finished piece was different until seeing it on the monitor. Isn’t that funny how that happens? This illustration was my second in the series, and it kept nagging at me. For one thing, as I was working on pic 3 and 4, I noticed I was getting a lot looser, so the style was changing a bit, plus I thought the background was far too busy. I originally wanted this kind of psychedelic look in the background, as a sort of an overall theme throughout. It just wasn't happening. Anyway, I thought I'd post an updated sneak preview. Overall this has been a wonderful experience; I've learned some new tricks in Photoshop. I also decided to let the housework take a backseat during the week, make easier dinners, and let the kids fend for themselves a bit more. If I am ever going to establish myself I have to learn to let go of certain things that eat up my time, and housework is a no win situation, it's always there waiting! Then there's grocery shopping! Once a week no more no less. I hate grocery shopping! On a final note, I learned that I still have it in me, that sitting at a drawing table and a computer, for an extended amount of time is very doable. Although I do have a bit of a back ache, but so what. And last but not least, in the midst of this project I also finished a Halloween poem that I had started last August. My muse is back! But that’s another project for another day. Good night all  :-)

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  1. Yay! Accomplishments! I'm with you about dumping the housework and grocery shopping :)