Wednesday, July 28, 2010


On the spur of the moment I realized that I had a pic that I could use for this weeks IF. "Dinoland" was from a series of illustrations that I called"Whimsy art" When I created this piece I was doing artshows and festivals around town. I had a children's booth with pictures, puzzles, placemats, cards and bookmarks. I also started doing a lot of writing at that time.

I like the word "Whimsy" and "In the land of Whimsy". To me, being in the land of Whimsy is a state of mind, it's where I can just let go and create for the pure joy of the process. It's not always an easy place to get to, it's kind of like meditation. It's hard for me to just allow myself to relax enough to get there, but when I do, it really can set the tone for my day.
So that's how the blog title became. Have a good day and may a bit of "whimsy" be with you!


  1. I'm behind and slow to respond to your last post. Love the photo and your honesty about all of it. Somehow, I can relate to limbo.

    I remember watching kids fall in love with your dinosaurs. The bright colors and simplicity is something they can relate to, and me too. Art should be fun, and sometimes the sky should be bright pink with yellow clouds!

  2. I love being in the land of whimsy! - cute piece.
    Thanks for your visit!

  3. Thanks Linda and Heather I appreciate the visit :)

  4. LOVE those colours! Imagine if they really were those colours, what a dazzling time the Jurassic would have been!



  5. Hey Cindy thanks for checking in and taking a peak.

    I love what your doing on your site with the "Big Brush" work most excellent. That is one way to loosen up! Keep up the good work :)