Tuesday, January 25, 2011

IF- Dusty

Dear friends of Illustration Friday, I do hope you will forgive my blatant misuse of this site for my own selfish purposes of "hawking my wares". I can honestly say that these favorites of mine have been on the shelf getting "Dusty" for way too long.

So with a little help from IF, I would like to introduce you to them. These are my
Tree People Bookmarks ~Apple Man, Theresa, Bird Man, Lady of the Land, and Mother. (she was my first) Created in color pencil, they measure approximately 7in x 2in.  They are die cut by hand, laminated and die cut by hand again. Please bookmark my site, they are coming soon. I will be selling them $5.00 ea. or 4-for $15.00 plus postage.
and  The Christmas Bunch~
Sweet Pine, Santa, The Lady of Light and Francis 

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