Monday, February 20, 2012

Illustration Friday~Fluid

            Fluid Adjective:
         1.Able to flow easily
2. Constantly changing or apt to change
3.Smooth in shape or movement

This illustration has always had a very fluid feel to me. I scanned this in many pieces, so this is a quick version. I plan to clean it up more and play with some color in Photoshop. I've had this in my studio for some time now, and every now and then I just pick away at it. It's kind of a meditative thing. There's another section to it that's not complete. Once I get it to where I like it I will probably put it on my website that I am currently working on.


  1. Beautiful ink work! This first image would make an amazing wall mural.

  2. Thank you Jeff! I once watched a show where this artist had 4 walls and a sharpie, and he just let loose, it was so cool!

  3. Oh man I love how it looks now, especially the faces in the trees, the whole piece reminds me of looking at 60-70's illustrated pamphlets/children's books.