Saturday, May 5, 2012

Illustration Friday~Hitched

I'm re-posting this art from 2010. I never used it for an Illustration Friday. It just seemed the perfect piece for Hitched. I thought the reindeer needed a Christmas break~

The Santa and Reindeer image was done for a sweat shirt/tee shirt design that I did one season for members of my large Italian family, mainly the kids. We have this get together every Christmas Eve, over 25 relatives usually show. We've been doing this since 1983. I was working for a transfer design company at the time, so I put this image together and got a good price on a bunch of transfers. Then a flattering, but not so funny thing happened. One of the other employees, who worked in the screen printing room, actually tried to steal my design. Apparently he had a little side business of his own. Luckily one of the other guys caught him and grabbed up all the extra transfers and gave them to me. Let’s hear it for the good guys! Long story short, he didn't last too much longer there!


  1. Yay for catching the thief!!! Obviously a design worth stealing though :)

  2. I love the originality of your Christmas card.

  3. Haha! Every Christmas I feel like that Santa-- pulling all the weight single-handedly. I still love Christmas but I often wish I could hitch up my team...

    Glad your would-be thief got nabbed. What a Grinch!

  4. I never thought of it that way--You are so right! No wonder we're always so exhausted by the New Year :)

  5. Santa needs to lose some weight anyway. Ha!