Sunday, May 28, 2017

Illustration Friday-Mind

As I stare out the window and watch the little white puffs on the air, a quick verse comes to mind.

The June Things are in the air
floating, floating everywhere...

A random beginning to a poem? Maybe?

Watercolor pencils, pen and ink and a photoshop filter applied

The first time I heard this term "The June Things" was when I first met my husband Larry. He says it every year, explaining that it was his way of knowing as a child that it was the beginning of summer, and the school year coming to a close. "When I see the June Things, I know it's summer!"

My thoughts are like those little white puffs lately, scattered and maybe a bit aimless. I seem to move from one thought to another without much direction, trying to force some focus.

This past week my thoughts have been mostly on my daughter, and her first adventure far from home. She's having the time of her life in Iceland! And I feel deeply happy for her.  I love watching her adventures through her posts, photos and messages to me.

As I try to stay focused on my art and my book, I find it difficult not to let the "regular life stuff" get in the way. From the household demands to my job, it is so easy to let my mind veer off to the endless to-do list!

And that's where my scattered thoughts turn into those little white puffs that just bounce around my mind.

Today as I sit here in my art room, I'm making a vow to myself to be here daily, even if it's only to just sit. I want to form a habit that with time, will become a norm, a part of me. And when I'm in my space, I will allow myself to dream, to write, to draw, and most of all to grab a hold of my thoughts if only for a short while.

I spent my vacation a couple of weeks ago, getting my upstairs in order and decluttering the long neglected art room. Then I redecorated with a bohemian flare! Well, at least I'm attempting that, not quite sure I've achieved it yet?

Here are the before and after pictures of my art room! I am feeling quite zen in my space now.

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