Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Today is the day

Today is the day I set for starting my new career as a children's magazine artist. I got up early, 5:30 am. The new hours I set for myself, to have a bit of solitude before the kids get up. Got the kids off to school. Yay! Summer vacation is over and I am in my office, drawing table is ready to go, and here I sit at the computer! Well I did tell myself I would not leave this space until 1pm, in an attempt to get use to working on art again. So the goal-- 3 days a week 12 hours total. And I did worked on my drawing some. It's a drawing that goes along with a poem to be sent off to Spider Magazine in hopes of victory! Although I didn't work on it as long as I would have liked, it was an attempt. I am tired today and my progress is quite slow. So now I am dabbling with this blog. Maybe short blurbs on my process will help me in my quest to be a professional, published children's illustrator. Say that five times fast.

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  1. Good for you! Keep at it. The pictures look great!