Monday, August 31, 2009

The Magic of Fall

The weather has been changing these last few days, the clouds look different. Fall is just around the corner. That's always been a good thing for me. With the shift in the weather, there is also a shift within me. I feel more alive, more energized. My home becomes more organized. I feel like spring cleaning in the fall. Go figure, I sure don't do it in the spring! But even more so than that, my art usually takes on a life of its own. I don't know, maybe the "Muse" is a real live spirit? She/He waves their magic wand over your soul--reminds you of who you "really are". I remember when I was younger, a child, I would play in my Aunts backyard. There was a patch of woods, it felt "magical". I think Fall brings that all back, it inspires.
As for today, I've decided to put away the "Kitty Cafe" (the piece I've been struggling with). Although the words are there, the drawing is not coming very easy. There is a certain look I want to achieve with this poem, It's been dancing around my brain for 10 years. Now, all of a sudden I am trying to rush it out in a week’s time. No, there's another one just about ready to go. "Road Map to Dreams" has been with me also for many years, yet unlike Kitty Cafe this one only needs a bit of "tweaking". (God I use to hate that word when I worked at the ad agency) Today I feel renewed and ready to work. My goal is to send something out by Sept. 15th, I am sure I can accomplish this! Why is it always so hard for me to meet my own deadlines? I have never missed anyone else’s.

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