Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Daisy Maisy Daffodil~

 Daisy Maisy Daffodil
by Mary Lou Rosato-Caine

Daisy Maisy Daffodil,
She’s a homebound kitty seeking out a thrill.
Oh this life of leisure ain’t where it’s at,
For Daisy Maisy the Calico cat!
Just a snackin and a snoozin on the windowsill,
That’s Daisy Maisy Daffodil.
She’s fat and sassy with an attitude,
Looking for escape, a little latitude.
 Now she lives with Sherry, whose kind and good,
But she won’t let her roam the neighborhood!
Then one day Daisy sees a chance,
the door’s wide open it’s time to dance!
Daisy Maisy the Calico cat,
She chases a bird, but she too darn fat!
The bird gets away, and flies in a tree,
Daisy doesn’t care it’s just good to be free!
All of a sudden it starts to rain,
Poor old Daisy, feeling the pain.
She runs back inside to her windowsill,
That’s Daisy Maisy Daffodil!

This poem and pic was a gift given to my friend/co-worker Sherry for her love of Daisy~ 


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