Saturday, March 2, 2013


Tango talent on a lovely spring day~
A friend of mine asked me recently if I would be interested in doing a display of my art at the college library where he works. He didn't give any direction other than a loose idea of either Arbor Day or a spring theme. He also didn't give a deadline. I work so much better with a deadline. With a new challenge to motivate me (Mark is always good for my motivation) I told him I would do up some tree spirits dancing.
So one down, four to go!


  1. So dreamy!!! Great concept!!!

    1. Thank you Efi! I wasn't sure if I liked it at first, but I'm warming up to it.

  2. Oh wow! That is so exciting about your friend's invitation. You know, I have seen dancing trees along Interstate 10, somewhere in Georgia where they have been overrun by weeds. The shapes are so eerie. They really look like giants in the night!

  3. Thanks Ces--It's not really a show, well maybe it is. I guess anytime you show your work it's a show :) I love the shapes and personalities of trees, and the eerie ones are especailly cool. Thanks for the visit!

  4. Thanks Ces! I love the look of eerie trees, any trees for that matter :)
    Love your pen and ink work! Thanks for stopping by~