Monday, April 29, 2013

Illustration Friday~Farewell

This piece felt right for the word Farewell. She seems to be sending off her little puffs of tree...whatever the heck that means?
Wishful Thinking 
Although it has been fun and challenging to do this series of work, bidding it farewell is also a welcome relief. I've been picking away at it since February and it is pretty much done.  I just need to wire up the frames for hanging. The 5 pieces will be shown at the Lakeland Community College library for a spring/summer display in May. Thank you to my friend/co-worker Mark who works at both Willoughby Hills library and LCC library for asking me if I would like to show my work. He always seems to have a knack for motivating me :)
The Land in Between

Spring Time
The Celebration
The Tango

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