Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Illustration Friday~Wild

 They danced a wild dance of celebration as these two spirits finally hooked up!

This is the fourth piece in a series of Tree Spirits I am creating for a display next month to be shown at  the Lakeland Community College library. A friend I work with at the Willoughby Hills library also works for the college library, and he asked if I would be interested in showing my work for his spring/summer display. Mark has a knack for motivating me. He's also the one who poked at me when I didn't think I had enough time to pull off the Tomie dePaola Award  this past November.  Although I didn't win,  I now have a nice piece for my online portfolio  That art may also end up in his display.

It's good to have people who motivate you. Being a freelance creative is sometimes a lonely business, and when you find those people in your life that give you that extra push it's always a good thing. 

As for the piece above; I like it in black and white, yet I think I will be adding some touches of color, to be more consistent with the other three. 
This is why a sketch book comes in handy-- things you've done in the past as a doodle can often come back to you later on and shake up your muse.


  1. The dance of the trees is a very little-known phenomenon. I love the beard!

    1. Thanks Tony! And yes you're right it isn't well known :)Yet quite the dance indeed!

  2. This is a lovely illustration! Very imaginative!

    1. Thanks so much for the complement and for stopping by :)
      I love doing these fun trees!