Monday, January 21, 2013

Illustration Friday~Myth(The Zombie Apocalypse Fact or Fiction )

The first thing I thought of for IF Friday’s word of the week “Myth” was Big Foot. My daughter’s personal favorite. Although she would tell you there’s no myth on this subject! Then a friend of mine on facebook shared this link Yes! Inspiration! Mythbusters doing an episode on Zombies! What better for the word Myth than zombies! (thanks Paul for posting that link!)

 Art: Photoshop enhanced zombies with my
favorite Art model "Arthur"
When I was in my teens Night of the Living Dead was the big talked about movie, although I’m not sure if I actually saw that one. I do know that I went to the drive-in with a group of friends and watched the hordes, as they munched their way through a shopping mall in Dawn of the Dead.
I’ve always been fascinated by zombies, but more so, the human element of it. The survival methods one must master in order to overcome. Then again in a zombie apocalypse there is no overcoming—just surviving. Come to think of it, I’ve always watched anything “survival”, man against nature is usually the one I gravitate to the most. Plane crash movies seem to be another common theme for me.  This definitely does not help my fear of flying!

 A few personal relatable zombie facts:

1. I know a man who is actually preparing for the zombie takeover—he’s more into survivalist preparedness, plus he’s a gun instructor. I’m glad he’s my friend, I sure wouldn’t want him as my enemy.
2. My favorite movie is Zombieland. Loved Bill Murray’s role, and also the search for the elusive twinkies. And now with the demise of Hostess one has to wonder if the zombie apocalypse is just around the bend.

3. Guilty Pleasure: One very unordinary Easter Sunday instead of the usual holiday celebration. My family and I stayed in our jammies all day long. We snacked on ham, potato salad, deviled eggs and other goodies, as we watched our very first viewing of Shaun of the Dead! Very sacrilegious—I truly hope God has a sense of humor!

4. One of the scariest movies on cannibalism for me is “The Road.” It’s very bleak and depressing, along with the fact that people are eating each other.  Plus It's more closely related to a “real” zombie apocalypse with the loss of animals, and havoc to the environment.

5. My all-time favorite TV show…The Walking Dead! I sure wish the People’s Choice awards/Golden Globe Awards would give this series the recognition it deserves!

For a good write up on The Zombie Apocalypse Fact or Fiction here’s a link that can talk it up much better than I can.




  1. Good use of that wooden mannequin :) You can't suck me into the whole zombie thing though!

  2. Awww come on one episode of the Walking Dead...are you still scarred from Dawn of the Dead? After all these years! :)