Friday, January 11, 2013

Illustration Friday~Ocean

The last time I was in Cape Cod it was 1993. It was the year before our daughter was born. My husband and I flew out and spent 4 days. We also had a day in Boston! It was so much fun! This coming summer we're going back and I can't wait! Cape Cod is more than just a nice place I like to go back to. It’s a place where I “feel” like I’ve always belonged. At times I feel like I lived another life there…a “metaphysical soul thing.” I guess.

The first time I remember hearing about Cape Cod was from a friend in art class when I was in 10th grade, she would always share her vacation photos with me--For the most part I'm not an envious person. I'm usually pleased for the happiness and success of others; but when Mimi would show me those pictures, I had a bad case of the green-eyed-monster! That was the vacation I wanted! That was the life I wanted! When I was a kid vacations were rare, maybe a trip to Canada to see relatives, or a short get-away to Cedar Point. But an extended stay by the ocean was not a part of my life.

I remember when my brother Mickey and his new bride went to Cape Cod for there honeymoon, Mick brought me back a charm bracelet, I doubt he remembers that, but it’s still in my jewelry box. I knew then that Cape Cod would also be my honeymoon destination.

In 1988 Larry and I drove to Cape Cod for our honeymoon. Our first stop when we hit Massachusetts was Plymouth. After taking in the rock and the boat, we moved on to Hyannis Port. Although we hadn’t booked a place to settle in for the week, we both felt being centrally located in Hyannis would be a good location. Plus the ferry to Nantucket was pretty much right outside our door. Nantucket is such a quaint island, known for its cobblestone street in the center of town. We did all the little shops, road bikes, hung out on the shore of Brant Point. It was a great day. I bought a book, “The Ghosts of Nantucket” that night in bed we read ghost stories to each other.

Getting back to my “metaphysical soul thing”…

A funny thing happened on the way to Provincetown. As we veered off the main route on to a dusty little beach road, in search of one of the many lighthouses on the peninsula; I had the oddest feeling I’d been down this path many times before. I even dreamt about this road, only in my dream it ended with a house near the beach. It was one of those Déjà vu moments that you stop and think “I know this so well.” Who knows, it was probably one of Mimi’s old photos that came back to me…or, maybe I did lived there in another time period. I prefer that~


  1. Did you paint this when you were at Cape Cod? Some day I'll have to go there too.

  2. :) I painted it yesterday, and then a bit of Photoshop magic~

  3. I've heard such nice things about Cape Cod, but have never been. Love the illustration! It has a very relaxed feel, and nice perspective.

  4. Thanks Abby! I hope you make your way there somewhere along the line :)

  5. It's a little late, but Happy New Year!