Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Domain and Blog Title

New year, new changes...After being "In the land of Whimsy" since 2009, I've decided to change my domain and title. When I started this blog I just kind of threw myself into it. I liked the name, and it was fitting to some of my poems that I based it off of. Yet every now and then I would do a search on the title, and noticed that there were a few out there using the same name, or a close variation of it. As of late though, it seems there's just too darn much whimsy out there for my liking! So I've given up the ghost, from here on out I'm just me... "Mary Lou Rosato-Caine, Thoughts from the drawing table." As for any of my followers, if you look on your list of people you follow it should have automatically whiched over to the new domain. Although any links for "In the land of whimsy" will now go over to "Page not found."
Although the name has changed the whimsy lives on...


  1. Maybe it should be Whimsical Thoughts from the Drawing Table? I like the background pattern and the red tree trunks.

    1. There not always whimsical thoughts, sometimes just regular thoughts and memories...Thanks :)